• Sleep Masks Review Summary

    Sleep Masks Review Summary

    There is no question about the importance of sleep. Not only is it a time for you to get some well-deserved rest, but it is also the time when your body repairs itself. But there are times when sleep can be disrupted and this can lead to bad effects on the states…

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  • Prime Effects Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask

    Review: Prime Effects Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask

    This sleep mask blocks out the light and stays in place, even when you move around and toss and turn while sleeping. It is extremely soft and lightweight with a sturdy construction, so it won’t fall apart after a few uses. It comes paired with earplugs for even better sleep.…

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  • Alaska Bear Pure Silk Eye Mask

    Review: Alaska Bear Pure Silk Eye Mask

    If there is such a thing as a luxury sleeping mask, this would have to be it. This extra-large mask is made from 100% silk unlike other sleeping masks. Silk is smooth and will not cause irritation is also naturally hypoallergenic. This mask is very soft and easy to wear…

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  • Bucky Luggage 40 Blinks Ultralight Sleep Mask

    Review: Bucky Luggage 40 Blinks Ultralight Sleep Mask

    Unlike other sleep masks which are made of fabrics only, this one from Bucky uses molded foam. The foam is contoured to ensure that it will have a snug fit over the eyes in order to prevent light from passing through and still be comfortable. The foam actually allows you…

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  • Sleep Master Sleep Mask

    Review: Sleep Master Sleep Mask

    The Sleep Master Sleep Mask is made from a lightweight fabric that is cool, comfortable and breathable at the same time. It is wide and fits snuggly but softly around your head and is secured by Velcro strips. The exterior is made from a synthetic material that is durable while the…

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