7 Food Hacks to Stay Alert without Caffeine

7 Food Hacks to Stay Alert without Caffeine

Guest article by Leo Babauta from Zen Habits

Are you dependent on coffee so you can stay alert for your work and duties? While caffeine has proven benefits it might be best if you were to cut down your consumption of it. There are means of staying awake and alert without having to resort to caffeine. You can tweak the food you eat to get more energy and by making small changes to your eating patterns you can prevent morning grogginess and mid-afternoon slumps.

Why Go Without Caffeine?

Caffeine can be beneficial in limited amounts, but like everything else, too much of it will have some negative effects on your body. Here are a few reasons to cut down on the cups:

  • Caffeine Addiction
    Withdrawal symptoms are often associated with ex-smokers and heroin addicts, but many hooked on caffeine suffer for the first few weeks trying to cut back. Why make yourself dependent?
  • Dehydration
    Caffeine is a diuretic, so you end up losing water after drinking a cup of coffee.
  • Post-Caffeine Crashes
    The energy boost may be great, but what happens when it wears off? Continually upping the dosage might not be the best long-term strategy.

Tweaking Your Food to Get More Energy

Think of the food that you eat as your body’s fuel. If you don’t eat then the body will not enough fuel for all of its activities. But it isn’t enough that you eat; you should also pick the right foods to fuel your body. Here are 7 Food Hacks to Stay Alert without Caffeine:

  1. Switch from 2-3 Meals to 4-5

    Splitting up meals smoothens out your blood glucose levels and eases the drain from digestion. Blood glucose is a crucial factor in your energy levels. If you only eat lunch and dinner, your body is going to have huge spikes followed by large crashes in energy.

  2. Low-Glycemic Foods Before Bed

    Getting up in the morning can be hard because your body is starving. You should eat low-glycemic index foods in small amounts before bed. Low-glycemic foods are whole grains, vegetables and some fruits.

  3. Eat Fruit on an Empty Stomach

    Eating fruit on an empty stomach allows it to quickly pass through your system and give your blood glucose a boost because fruits take less to digest than other foods.

  4. Go Meatless

    You don’t have to go vegetarian to try this tweak. You can just reduce the amount of meat that you eat. Meat is difficult to digest and may contain substances that can cause harm to your health.

  5. Get Your 8 Glasses

    Make sure that you drink eight glasses of water every day. Your body is over two-thirds water and needs H20 for your major functions.

  6. Eat Whole Grains

    Eating a lot of whole grains will ensure that you have a steady supply of energy to keep you going throughout the day.

  7. Avoid the Mid-Afternoon Sugar Craving

    Avoid eating high sugar foods in mid-afternoon that can cause energy problems for you. Go with whole grain snacks instead.

Summary: 7 Food Hacks to Stay Alert without Caffeine

These are just seven of the diet tweaks that you can try out.

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