Alaska Bear Pure Silk Eye Mask

Review: Alaska Bear Pure Silk Eye Mask

If there is such a thing as a luxury sleeping mask, this would have to be it. This extra-large mask is made from 100% silk unlike other sleeping masks. Silk is smooth and will not cause irritation is also naturally hypoallergenic. This mask is very soft and easy to wear and is hand washable.


  • Extra large size
  • Filled with long mulberry floss
  • Covered in super soft and smooth charmeuse silk
  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • Hand-washable
  • Wide adjustable elastic strap

What we think

 This sleeping mask is ideal for those looking for that extra dose of comfort. Because it is made from pure silk, it is very soft and feels very luxurious on the skin. There is no danger that it can irritate or cause allergies. So for people who are looking for a sleeping mask that is comfortable and light to use, we would recommend this one. 

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What others think

“For those many people who need complete darkness for sound sleeping yet have tried countless other masks, only to find that they are either too uncomfortable or slip off or fall down to let your neck sleep or pressure your eyes too much when tightened to keep out the light, THIS sleep mask is designed for you. Made of pure silk, it is very soft, filled with mulberry floss that manages to accommodate your face configuration. it is so comfortable that you don’t even know it is on.” (Grady Harp, Los Angeles, CA)

“I had an opportunity to thoroughly test the review sample of this sleep mask during an afternoon nap. To use a phrase, it was darker than the inside of a cow when I had this over my eyes. Since I am a musician who keeps vampire hours I know a thing or two about sleep masks and this is one of the best I have used.” (Mike Tarrani – Jazz Drummer”, Deltona, FL)

“This mask is extremely comfortable. Because it is made of silk, it is extremely light and smooth to the touch, and hence does not irritate the face and back of the neck as many heavier masks, made out of heavier and coarser materials, tend to do. But despite its light weight, it is also extremely effective at blocking light, which is, of course, the main purpose of such a mask.” (Gregory Brown, USA)

Product Specs: Alaska Bear Pure Silk Eye Mask

Product Dimensions: 8.8 x 4.3 x 0.2 inches
Shipping Weight: 2.4 ounces
Manufacturer: Alaska Bear
About Sleep Masks
If you are bothered by uncontrollable sources of light then one of the best ways to get enough sleep is by wearing a sleep mask during the night. Chronic exposure to light at night leads to a host of health problems.

Sleep is an integral part of our health and well-being. That is when we get rid of stress and our bodies find time to repair itself. But, at times something like a little light seeping through from the road can disrupt much needed sleep. This will cause lack of sleep and will put unwanted stress on your system which can lead to a number of other health problems.

This is why it is of utmost importance that we get enough adequate and restful sleep. In countless studies research has shown that sleeping between 7 and 9 hours per night can relieve stress, improve memory & cognitive function, reduce the risk of many chronic diseases and may even help with weight loss

  • Prevents light from reaching the eyes

  • Helps user to sleep more soundly

  • Helps to relax

  • Useful for stress relief

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  1. Ben

    This eye mask is great. After using it my eyes look more refreshed. The best and most comfortable.

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