5 Easy Ways to use Essential Oils for Cleaning your Home

5 Easy Ways to use Essential Oils for Cleaning your Home

Most people are painfully aware of the fact that that home cleaning products contain many chemicals that are harmful to health. In fact, the chemicals that can be found in cleaning products are the harshest chemicals that most people would be exposed to in their lifetime. These products don’t even work any better than their natural or non-toxic counterparts, and they damage the environment and potentially place our long-term health at risk.

Isn’t that just awful? The good news is that there are more and more household cleaning products on the market nowadays that use natural biodegradable ingredients and these are the products we should all aim to use. But, did you know you can also use natural ingredients to make your own home-made cleaning products, sometimes in combination with known household products?

Essential oils are some of the best natural sources you can use for cleaning all around your home. Not only can they clean and disinfect but their aromas will permeate your rooms which will have a similar effect than that of aromatherapy oils or candles. Yes, you will be able to feel more relaxed and you will know that you are not harming your health, which will add to your peace of mind all together!

Read on and we’ll show you 5 Easy Ways to use Essential Oils for Cleaning your Home:

  1. Lavender All-Purpose Cleaner

    Get a spray bottle and fill 3/4 of it with water. Add a few squirts of natural dish soap and a few drops of lavender oil. Shake the bottle well. You can use the solution for the kitchen and other surfaces inside the house. Scrub and wipe with a water-soaked sponge after application.

  2. Pine Floor Cleaner

    Mix water and organic white vinegar and then add 10 drops of the essential oil of your choice to the solution. Apply the solution to the floor using a mop. The essential oil will reduce the smell of the vinegar.

  3. Lemon Vacuum Cleanser

    Get a tissue and soak it with several drops of lemon essential oil. Let the vacuum suck in the piece of tissue. The smell of the tissue with the oil would take away the dusty smell of the vacuum cleaner. If your vacuum has a reservoir, you can the oil directly to the reservoir.

  4. Laundry Treatment

    You can add 20 drops of eucalyptus essential oil to the detergent that you are using to kill dust mites. When you are washing cloth diapers, you can add 5 drops of tea tree oil to the detergent to disinfect it. To make your laundry smell better you can soak a washcloth with drops of your favorite essential oil and place it inside the dryer with your laundry.

  5. Essential Oil Window Cleaner

    Fill a spray bottle with a cup of organic white vinegar and fill it up to about 34 with water. Shake the solution and add 10 drops of lemon essential oil and then shake it again. Spray onto your windows and wipe off with kitchen towel.

Summary: 5 Easy Ways to use Essential Oils for Cleaning your Home

Remember: Essential oils and aromatherapy (or fragrance) oils are not the same thing! An aromatherapy oil is (when it is not synthesized) usually a 2% dilution of an essential oil in 98% almond or grape seed oil which is often extremely poor value for money. On the other hand, essential oils are undiluted products that have been extracted from flowers, herbs, leaves, grasses, roots, woods, barks, spices, fruits or gum. So make sure you buy “pure essential oil” and not a diluted form, because it will not contain enough of the therapeutic (in this case, cleaning) qualities you are looking for.

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